It's time to feed your SOUL

Women's Wellness Warriors offers monthly wellness sessions with rotating topics so you can be supported, empowered, develop new/old friendships, and develop self-love.


The Experience: Women's Circles 

With hands on activities, we will explore various topics relating to women's wellness, including education, support, and community. Join a group of women who desire to take care of themselves and live their best lives, while avoiding burn out and stress!

Our circles are the perfect opportunity to connect with old friends, or make new ones!

Hands on Activities
From vision boards, to meal planning, to financial planning, each month will include an enrichment activity.


Topics will rotate, and might include healthy eating, vision boards/visualizing future, finances, social relationships, among others.


Groups are a safe space to share struggles and triumphs from your personal life, where you will feel supported and safe.

Leave groups feeling empowered about yourself and your life!


Burn out is real. Community can help. Groups are safe spaces to join with other women and feel part of something larger than ourselves.

Classes start January 19 (3rd Wednesday of each month, at 6pm)!


About Us

Women's Wellness Warriors was started by Stephanie M., of Authentic Growth Coaching & Stephanie Z., of Soulful Growth Health Coach. We realized women were suffering from burnout more often than not these days, and saw a way to help.

We decided to offer women's wellness circles, with rotating educational topics, so women could learn in a safe space, feel supported and empowered, develop close friendships, and a sense of community.

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